Audit Manager Joy Klenke’s teaching of personal finance began as a hobby and act of community service. She started volunteering in her friend’s classroom, believing personal finance education is an essential foundation for tomorrow’s leaders.

Today Joy leads GBM’s Personal Finance Program. The program has volunteers from our firm’s various practice teams, and it consists of the following four modules:

  • Module 1: Careers and College – This module covers core career values and skills, how to analyze occupations and determine which industries are growing, and how to plan college payment.
  • Module 2: Budgeting and Finance – Module 2 includes fun budget exercises, information on basic accounts, and sample pay for various careers.
  • Module 3: Saving and Investing – This module delves into ways and reasons to save money, investing options and techniques, and retirement savings.
  • Module 4: Credit and Risk Management – Our final module covers types of credit, credit scores, credit cards, and insurance.

Our standard presentation schedule includes one module presentation per week for four consecutive weeks, with each module lasting around an hour and a half. The program has been presented to classrooms at Cummings High School, Elon Academy, and Williams High School.

If you’re interested in our Personal Finance Program, contact our professionals for more information.


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