Best practices – Accounting is often called the language of business. We have observed over the years that our most financially successful clients possess the discipline of sound accounting practices. Some of these strong processes include:

  • Timely and accurate monthly financial statements are available and reviewed by management.
  • Owners implement and review other financial performance indicators daily and weekly.
  • Checks and balances are in place. The resulting financial statements are a validation of the insight available from key metrics.
  • These financial statements are routinely provided to the primary banker and us.

Monitoring – Upon receipt of our client’s financial statements, we generally review for trends, sufficiency of profits and cash flow. If nothing particularly noteworthy stands out, we simply save for later reference. Sometimes we observe financial activity that leads to an important communication about financing needs, changes in profitability and income tax planning. Staying connected to business results throughout the year helps us serve most effectively.

Accounting services – We offer an array of services to complement your internal accounting processes. Some bookkeepers appreciate periodic assistance with standard journal entries, so year end changes are minimal. Other businesses depend on us to perform more comprehensive bookkeeping services.

Quickbooks is by far the most prevalent application our clients use. Technology provides several means to administer support: We receive backup files uploaded to our client portal on our website. We use Right Networks, which is a cloud-hosted Quickbooks desktop application. Quickbooks online (QBO) is Intuit’s fastest growing platform. We have the ability to automatically connect your transactions from banking, credit cards and payroll services directly into your secure online accounting system. QBO also integrates with many other apps such as point of sale systems and billpay.

Our Financial Monitoring & Accounting Services team is ready to help.