Efficient, Effective Tax Planning, Compliance, & Consulting

No one wants to pay more taxes than required. That’s why we’re always thinking of the allowable strategies, and alerting clients to opportunities to reduce their tax liabilities while keeping them in compliance with ever-changing laws, rulings, court decisions, and guidance.

We invest significant resources in keeping our tax practice current. Our professionals continually strive to keep up to date with evolving tax legislation, and we proactively share our knowledge with our clients.

Our tax services include tax preparation, tax strategies and tax consulting for a variety of entities and needs:

Individuals. Our corporate clients often turn to us for individual tax compliance and consulting. In many cases, the goal is to preserve wealth for families or philanthropic endeavors, and it is our pleasure to help business owners reach their financial goals. We believe it’s key to look at the individual’s entire financial picture so that retirement, estate and gift planning are all tied together in a cohesive strategy. Because many of our clients’ business and business and real estate holdings are structured as LLCs (reporting as partnerships), we also offer specific expertise in partnership tax planning and reporting. While LLCs offer definite advantages, they can be costly to maintain in terms of compliance. We help clients navigate the complexities of these arrangements.

Corporations & Partnerships. What’s the best way to address a company’s tax situation? We always explain entity choice options and offer advice to help clients make practical decisions. Whether it’s a choice of entity, restructuring option, big equipment purchase, a real estate transaction, we provide the input necessary to structure the transaction in the most tax-advantaged way.

Estate, Trusts and Gifts. Everyone wants to leave a meaningful legacy. We work closely with our clients’ attorneys to help preserve and transfer wealth in a way that minimizes tax liabilities. Our estate, trust and gift planning and compliance services help clients maintain control of their assets during their lives and beyond.

State and Local TaxState and Local Tax Services. With so many important things to think about, many business owners don’t consider state and local taxes (or SALT) to be much of a concern. But if you’re doing business – any business – in another state, you may be subject to SALT, which can significantly impact your cash flow and effective tax rate. At GBM, we help you navigate any state’s applicable tax laws and customize solutions to match your overall business objectives.

Specialty Tax Services. Over the years, we’ve developed specialized expertise in distinct areas of interest to our clients:

• Cost Segregation— Constructing or purchasing a building? Our cost segregation services help clients accelerate depreciation and improve cash flow.

• Tax Credit Consulting— Federal and state research and experimentation (R&E) tax credits can represent significant tax savings. Additionally, various energy credits are available. Our team helps clients capture these benefits.

• International Taxation— Our international tax practice includes services for both inbound and outbound transactions, including withholding compliance and tax planning, global tax minimization, foreign bank reporting, repatriation of profit strategies, tax treaty guidance and IC-DISC planning.