We are known for our expertise in all facets of retirement plan services. Among the consulting services we provide are:

RFP Assistance. Based on our experience with a variety of plans, we help clients review retirement plan RFP responses and analyze them to choose the best provider candidates.

Fee Analysis. Clients trust us to assess their plan fee structure, from expense ratios to advisor compensation, recordkeeping and trustee fees. We also provide benchmarking services.

Overall Plan Review. Sometimes a neutral third party is required to render an objective opinion. We look for operational and compliance issues or areas where the plan may be out of sync with plan documents. We also provide suggestions for better plan design.

Plan Conversions. For many, the idea of converting from one administrator to another is daunting. We make it easy — and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Testing for Controlled Groups. For controlled groups, affiliated service groups or multiple employers, we assist in defining and implementing plan options.

Plan Document Services. GBM offers a cost-effective plan document management service for new and existing clients. In addition, we can work with any ERISA attorney.

Plan Design. Our first step is to understand the employer’s goals. We then look at each provision of the plan to ensure that it meets these objectives, from allocation to eligibility and vesting


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