Attention, College Students and Interns!

Gilliam Bell Moser has an organized recruiting effort at three area colleges: Elon, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina State University. We also welcome candidates from other colleges. We recruit for both permanent hires and interns.

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The most compelling aspect of GBM is the way GBM values their employees. Before I even applied to GBM, I talked to a current intern (Janie McCarthy) about her experience. Her glowing review and kind words about everyone else here at the firm is what made me want to join.

What I have enjoyed the most so far is working with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals. Everyone is always happy to help or clarify any questions I may have. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to prepare returns of all types.

Bella Martinez - Burlington CPA FirmBella Martinez - Elon University, Staff Accountant

I had completed a minor summer internship prior to my time at GBM, but it hadn’t been in accounting, and I felt significantly less prepared to work within this field than my peers, many of whom had already completed accounting internships. What concerned me was that, after talking to numerous people, almost none had reported a positive experience at their given firms. It therefore stuck with me, when Janie McCarthy (current GBM intern) encouraged me to apply for GBM, how evident her love for the firm was. Her promises of kindness and community were consistent with my hiring experience. From my initial phone call to my interview, it was obvious to me that GBM was a place that valued communication, teamwork, and personal development. The people here are invested in each other’s wellbeing and growth. This openness, from the start, minimized the stress of a new environment and maximized the value I could receive from this experience. The firm’s slogan, “we hear you”, is very much real. Because of that, I know GBM was the right choice for me.

The thing I have enjoyed most about my internship thus far has been the sheer volume of people I have had the pleasure of interacting with in the course of my work. GBM is dedicated to ensuring that interns are not relegated only to administrative work. We are called in to assist with a variety of tasks across several specialties/project types. This means that there is hardly a person at GBM that I haven’t had a chat with! There is no such things as strangers here. And because we work across a wide range, in the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve gained more exposure to accounting material than I ever expected to. Every single day I learn something new, and every single day my coworkers help me to develop new skills and learn new things.

Kaitlyn Cherniss - Burlington CPA FirmKaitlyn Cherniss - Elon University, Staff Accountant

My ideal company to work for is one that has a positive work environment where there is a strong sense of camaraderie and unity among employees. I have always envisioned myself working at places where employees work closely together as a team and support one another when needed, where there is developmental opportunities provided to encourage personal and professional growth, and where employees feel valued and appreciated. These were the things that I saw in Gilliam Bell Moser which compelled me to apply to them for an internship. I had heard tons of great things about this company; from employees feeling like this company is their second family to them mentioning how encouraging and helpful their co-workers are. Now that I have started working at GBM, I have realized that choosing them was the right choice for me. Everyone is truly kind and they want to see you grow and flourish with them. They are always available to assist you when needed and they are willing to share their expertise and knowledge with you to help you succeed. I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to work for GBM!

Parisa Motee - Burlington CPA FirmParisa Motee - University of North Carolina Greensboro, Intern

I chose Gilliam Bell Moser for my internship because it was close to home and because I thought I would learn a lot from the experience.  GBM has given me the opportunity to learn many different aspects of accounting and has supplied me with the tools I need to be successful in the workforce.  My favorite part about working at GBM is the people.  Everyone is so kind and willing to help any time I need it.

Sara Freeman - Burlington CPA FirmSarah Freeman - NC State University, Intern

As a potential intern, Gilliam Bell Moser fulfilled the criteria that I look for in an employer including strong values, teamwork, and an emphasis on creating a personal relationship with every client. It is evident that beyond accounting expertise in the  services offered, this firm is committed to so much more. I am confident that through my internship with this company I will learn the skills and gain the experience I need to meet clients’ needs. However, beyond that, I will become a better critical thinker, communicator, teammate, and member of the community.

Janie McCarthy - Burlington CPA FirmJanie McCarthy - Elon University, Staff Accountant

I chose Gilliam Bell Moser because of the people I met during the recruiting process. It was different than any interview I had ever had. Past interviews felt as though I was being quizzed, but I could tell the people from GBM really wanted to know about me as an individual. The staff is definitely my favorite part of working here today as well. Everyone is willing and excited to help me learn each day.

Taylor Flynn - Burlington CPA FirmTaylor Flynn - Elon University, Intern

I chose Gilliam Bell Moser for my internship because it’s a well known CPA firm in the area and close to home.  My favorite part about doing my internship at Gilliam Bell Moser is the friendships that I have developed with my coworkers.  I have also enjoyed being involved in an accounting environment and seeing how my courses relate to real life accounting work.

Logan Wilson - Burlington CPA FirmLogan Wilson - East Carolina University, Intern


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