Why Choose Gilliam Bell Moser Retirement Plan Services?

Experienced Staff

More than 65 years of combined expertise
Commitment to education

Exceptional Client Service

24 hour response to emails and voicemails
Sense of urgency
Proactive approach
Non-compartmentalized —our entire staff can perform all functions of administration

Commitment to Communication

Weekly email updates during setup and conversion
Plan Tracker-allows clients and advisors to monitor the progress of the annual administration process

Flexible Approach

Plan design and investment platform tailored to your specific needs
Focused on solutions, not products

Corrections & Consulting Specialties

Proactive approach to avoiding problems- As one of few firms specializing in EPCRS corrections, we capitalize on what we have learned while solving problems and implement procedures to avoid the pitfalls

Coordination with Audit Division

Easier and quicker audits- Having an audit division within GBM allows us to better serve our administration clients.