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In addition to our traditional accounting, assurance and tax services, Gilliam Bell Moser offers specialty services to meet specific needs. Our experience and expertise in these areas help clients make better decisions about their businesses and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Our consulting services include:

Business Valuation— Our valuation analysts perform impartial valuations for gift, estate and succession planning purposes.

Business Tax Strategies— No one wants to pay more taxes than necessary. Our tax team provides strategic guidance for transactions, capital expenditures and other specific circumstances.

Cost Segregation— Our cost segregation services help clients accelerate depreciation and improve cash flow when constructing or buying a new building.

Multistate Taxation— Who owes what, where? We shed light on multistate requirements and help clients navigate these complicated issues.

Employee Benefit Consulting— Our expertise includes health savings accounts, cafeteria plans, retirement plans, health and life insurance. Working with our clients’ attorneys and insurance consultants, we can help companies design and implement the appropriate benefits mix.

Retirement Planning— We assist individuals in discerning the right exit strategy and planning for the years ahead.

Internal Controls Consulting— To help prevent fraud and increase efficiency, we review financial procedures, identify deficiencies and recommend changes when necessary.

Cash Flow & Profitability Studies— Good cash flow and profitability are crucial to any company’s long-term success. We create models that help clients figure out next steps to improve cash flow and increase profits.

Forensic Services— U.S. businesses lose millions to fraud every year. Given our experience, credentials and knowledge of best practices, we can provide keen insights about how to prevent occupational fraud.

Forecasts & Projections— There’s no crystal ball involved, but our forecasting and projection services allow clients to see the future using “if/then” scenarios and make more informed financial decisions.

Succession Planning—We help owners with the financial arrangements required for a smooth transition. This may involve financial forecasting, collaborating with insurance advisors to arrange the appropriate policies, and working with attorneys on shareholder agreements.

Private Equity Transaction Consulting— Buyers and sellers need sound advice. We can assist with forming a joint venture or partnership, and serve as a sounding board for transaction strategy and planning. We can also evaluate forecasts and cash flow, and advise on deferred owner financing, the tax impact of purchase price allocations and entity selection.


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