What is the LINKS Organizer?

LINKS is Linking Improvement and iNformation with Knowledge and Skills. The LINKS Organizer is our tool to assist you in gathering and transmitting your confidential year end data through our secure Portal. The LINKS Organizer is set up with an interview format. Navigation buttons will guide you through sets of questions and document requests. You will have the ability to enter answers or provide comments to each question and/or document request.GBM LINKS Organizer

How will I receive the LINKS Organizer?

GBM personnel will contact you when the LINKS Organizer is ready to be delivered to you. Our preferred delivery method is through our secure Portal.

Downloading the LINKS Organizer

Your LINKS Organizer package will be saved as a zip file and uploaded to the GBM Portal. To download your LINKS Organizer, you will need to login to the GBM Portal using your email address and personal password. If you are not registered for the GBM Portal, please call your GBM contact to complete an authorization form.

Once you have logged in, click on the FILE EXCHANGE link. You will then see two folders with your Company name (permanent and temporary). Your LINKS Organizer is located in the temporary folder. Files in the temporary folder are stored for 14 days.

Double click on the LINKS Organizer to view a listing of the documents in the file. Then click the icon entitled EXTRACT. Confirm the “use folder names” in the lower right-hand corner is checked, and then save to your local drive.

LINKS Organizer Setup

The LINKS Organizer is saved to a direct folder path. Once you have opened your LINKS Organizer file, you will be directed to the homepage. Once you are ready to begin, please select the CLICK HERE TO START button. You will then be directed to an instructions page which will guide you through the remaining steps to complete your LINKS Organizer.

For convenience, please save all requested files in the same folder path as the original LINKS Organizer. Once completed, the remaining instructions will assist you with returning your LINKS Organizer to GBM.

Creating a Compressed Folder

All Windows operating systems include a compressed (zipped) folder option. To create a compressed folder, right-click on the main folder, entitled current year – LINKS Organizer – Your Company Name. Select SEND TO and COMPRESSED (ZIPPED) FOLDER). This will create a duplicate of your completed LINKS Organizer as a compressed folder, reducing its file size.

Uploading the Completed LINKS Organizer

To upload the completed LINKS Organizer back to the GBM Portal, return to the FILE EXCHANGE link and click on your Company’s temporary folder. Click the UPLOAD link. Click the SELECT FILES button and locate the compressed LINKS Organizer folder. Click the UPLOAD button to complete the process. Please note that you may only upload files to the temporary folder.

If you have any questions, please call us at (336) 227-6283 and ask for your GBM contact. After completion, please notify your GBM contact that you completed the LINKS Organizer package and uploaded it to the GBM Portal. Thank you for your assistance!