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How to Attract Qualified Professionals for Your Board of Directors

Board Members are responsible for maintaining the integrity of an organization and finding the right board members is vital for the organization to effectively serve its purpose. Learn more.

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Shareholder loans – What you need to know to avoid reclassification to equity

Loans are an integral part of most businesses.  However, when loans are received from shareholders of the business, additional considerations must be made.  Failing to do so can result in reclassifications that can prove costly when filing annual tax returns. Learn more.

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Gambling and Taxes

The United States is currently experiencing a gambling boom.  As gambling expands across the U.S. in the form of casinos, sports betting, fantasy sports leagues, lotteries and more, it’s important to understand the income tax implications of gambling winnings and losses. Find out more.

Update on North Carolina Pass-Through Entity Tax and 2022 Estimated Tax Payments

For tax years beginning after 2021, partnerships and S Corporations can make a Pass-Through Entity Tax (Taxed PTE) Election to pay North Carolina income tax at the entity level creating a deduction against pass-through federal income. Click above to find out more.

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Updates

The SBA has continued to provide updated guidance based on new legislation and to address many of the questions and concerns Borrowers have as they move closer to applying for loan forgiveness. Click to learn more.

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