The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has valuable guidance and resources available for nonprofit organizations.  Their goal is to make sure your nonprofit stays tax-exempt and complies with filing and reporting requirements.

Compliance Guide for 501(c)3 Charities:  IRS Publication 4221 highlights basic information on everything from risks to board governance to filingNonprofit Resources requirements. It’s easy to read and a great resource to keep on hand.

Employment Laws:  Determining whether a person working for your nonprofit is an employee or independent contractor can be difficult at times. This IRS guidance will help.

Webcasts on various topics:  The IRS has short webcasts on various topics including maintaining your tax-exempt status, unrelated business income tax considerations, good governance, and volunteers. 

Subscribe to Free IRS E-Newsletter: The IRS sends out periodic E-Newsletters with important developments and changes related to exempt organizations. This e-newsletter is free for anyone to subscribe. 

Status of nonprofits:

Do you want to check if a nonprofit is tax-exempt and able to accept non-taxable donations?

Do you want to know if a nonprofit’s tax-exempt status has been revoked by the IRS?

Do you want to know if a smaller nonprofit has filed a Form 990-N through the IRS website?

All these questions can be answered at this IRS link.

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