Amidst all the changes related to COVID-19, it might be easier for your organization to file its annual NC Charitable Solicitation License online. This process has been in place for a couple of years but is likely to be utilized now more than ever. It seems to be a more convenient and quicker way to get your status updated on the Charitable Solicitation License registry.

How to File Your Charitable Solicitation License Online
  • Access the website here: NC CSL Online Filing
  • Click the register link and create a user ID and password if you do not already have one for the Secretary of State website.Nonprofit
  • Before you go any further, be sure you are using a computer connected to a printer, as you will need to print a Notarized form to complete the online filing.
  • Your payment can be made via credit card or ACH/electronic check payment from a bank account.
  • You will need the following individual PDF files:
    • List of locations in North Carolina (if applicable)
    • Statement of Charitable Purpose
    • Statement of how contributions will be used
    • List of major program activities
    • Copy of IRS tax determination letter
    • List of all names the charity uses to solicit contributions
    • Documentation of legal authority to use organization name
    • List of all other states the organization is authorized to solicit contributions
    • List of names and street addresses of directors, officers, trustees
    • List of names of individuals in charge of solicitation activities
    • List of names, street addresses, and phone numbers for individuals who have final responsibility of contributions
    • Financial information for preceding fiscal year – must be an IRS Form 990, CSL Annual Financial Report, Audited Financial Statements, or a Budget if new organization.
    • Copy of fundraising disclosure forms (if applicable)
    • Dollar amount of contributions received in preceding fiscal year

While you can still mail in your organization’s NC CSL package, you may find the online filing to be more suitable for your organization, particularly during this time. The online filing may be particularly useful in crunch time to ensure timely filing as well.

Please contact the Not-for-Profit Niche team at Gilliam Bell Moser LLP for further guidance.