Like every new year, 2023 brings about opportunities for another year of growth in all aspects of life—at home and the workplace. The new year for many non-profits comes with a new year of campaigning efforts in order to raise enough funds to carry out their mission.  Is your non-profit’s annual appeal campaign struggling to produce the desired results? If so, 2023 may be a great time for your non-profit to consider making updates to amplify annual appeal efforts.  See below for 4 tips to implement in your non-profit’s annual appeal campaign in order to reach out to donors near and far.

Writing in the 2nd person: Annual Appeals Letters

While your annual appeal may reach out to hundreds and even thousands of people, you want every single individual to feel as though the letter is personalized to them. Although writing in the 2nd person point of view, using the pronoun “You” is not always the most conventional method of writing, potential donors will feel just how impactful their contribution is to the nonprofit organization. Likewise, personalizing the annual appeal letter to each donor is well worth the effort. If a donor has supported the organization in the past financially or through volunteering, make sure to make note of that in their letter. Also, many donor management software programs allow for each letter to be addressed personally to the individual. These elements make the donors feel appreciated on a personal level.

Tell a Story:

Donors want to know where exactly their money is going. Who has their donation previously helped? How does their $100 donation meet the organization’s mission?  By highlighting a family or individual who has been impacted by the generosity of your donors, your annual appeal letter will draw in the readers as they have the opportunity to meet someone who has personally been affected by their support.  Donors will be invested in the story by hearing what the recipient has to say. Include pictures of the family and direct quotes of how their lives have been changed from the support of your organization’s donors.

Use Quantitative Data:

Along with telling a personal story, quantitative data is appreciated by donors. Include statistics as to how many individuals were able to be served as a result of their financial support.  How many meals were served at your soup kitchen in the current year? How many animals has your organization been able to rescue this year? How many counties across the state did your organization impact? Use eye-catching graphics such as charts, maps, pictures, and percentages to depict the widespread impact that donations to your Organization have on the community. Canva, Tableau, and PicMonkey are great resources to create visually appealing graphics to include in your annual appeal letter.

Attract New Donors through the Power of Social Media:

As you start your annual appeal, make sure to include details and updates on your organization’s social media profiles. Long-time donors can reshare posts and explain why they choose to support your non-profit. This can lead to their followers learning about the organization and deciding to give their time, treasure, and talents to the organization as well! The cycle can help spread the mission of your organization to many new potential donors. Even if someone did not receive an annual appeal request via letter, share the same message on social media, so they can see firsthand what an impact your organization makes on the community. Include lots of pictures to depict how vital your cause is.

If you have further questions regarding your nonprofit’s annual appeal, please reach out to the professionals at Gilliam Bell Moser LLP. And from our team at Gilliam Bell Moser LLP to yours, we wish you a prosperous 2023!