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New Leasing Standard: What do Nonprofits Need to Know?

As leasing standards transition from ASC 840 to ASC 842, the Financial Accounting Standards Board has outlined an implementation plan for the rollout. The new standard is now effective for all organizations with financial statement years beginning after December 15, 2021. Read more.

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What are the Filing Requirements for Nonprofits in North Carolina?

The filing requirements for nonprofits can vary greatly depending on the state in which the non-profit resides. In North Carolina, the obligations aren’t as extensive as some other states. Find out more.

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Social Media and Online Donations – Risk Management Considerations

For many years, nonprofits received charitable donations through mail or in person delivery. In recent years, it has become more convenient to make donations to nonprofits online. Learn more about the risks related to online donations.

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Tips for Preparing Business Personal Property Tax Listings

Click above for some tips on preparing a complete and accurate business personal property tax listing for the county in North Carolina in which the property is located.

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